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Read all about it! As the members from Grave Concerns hit the airwaves, newsprint and cyberspace to discuss our past investigations, evidence and our upcoming network television show. (That's when we actually have one, of course.)


04/06/14 Tech Time Radio Interview Our founder, Beth Brown, joins 'Tech Time with Brock & Doc' on ParaMania Radio to discuss her interest in the supernatural along with more technical aspects regarding our investigations.

02/03/12 Dead Air Radio Interview Featuring a surprise appearance by our co-founder, Brent Brown, GCP members discuss paranormal evidence from past investigations with our gracious Dead Air Radio host, Mike Boler.

12/09/11 Dead Air Radio Interview – Beth Brown joins Dead Air's George Lopez and Mike Boler as they delve into theories regarding the paranormal, the pros and cons of certain equipment, and explore a few GCP EVPs.

Print & Online:

05/26/12 "Is Lake Anna Haunted?" Article Published in Lake Anna Guide magazine and on their website, Grave Concern's Tavern on the Rail Investigation was featured with evidence regarding a now-deceased owner, Emmett Poindexter.